I have spent many years in both the Business and the Non-Profit  Worlds.  After serving in the United States Navy I started working in the Oil and Gas Industry in 2000 with Schlumberger.  My professional journey led me to work for a handful companies in various positions exposing me to many elements of business.  In 2005 I started serving on numerous Non-Profit Executive Boards while creating, organizing and managing different charity fundraising events.  Coupling these influences along with the experiences of everyday life have led me to where I am today and the creation of my company, my dream, Charity Corps.  

Charity Corps comes from a desire to work in the non-profit world while supporting as many non-profits as I can.  However, I know this is an endeavor I cannot do alone.  The collective needs are great, but WE are greater.  I envisioned a program were consumers, business and non-profits worked together as a team, motivated by an esprit de corps, to help those in need while helping each other.         


I am motivated by my faith, family and friends and an unrelenting desire to help as many Non-Profit Organizations fulfill their mission statement as I can.  The world is not a terrible place there are just terrible things in it.  Life truly is a team sport and I WANT YOU to join us in the fight to do something about it.    God Bless!!   

We Believe...

...that when given the chance people will do whatever they can to help support their favorite Non-Profit Organizations.


Our Name & Logo


We draw our name from one of our favorite teams, the U.S. Marine Corps.  

The Triangle "A" in the word Charity in our logo symbolizes three aspects which are Consumers, Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations working together.  The small red triangle in the center symbolizes a heart and the love that goes with it all.  

Sean McCoy


Mission Statement:

  • United in Spirit - Provide a consistent revenue source for Non-Profit Organizations that expands and unites their overall support base while creating an esprit de corps.  
  • United in Purpose - Provide a personal, impactful secondary customer value while creating a managed, purposeful Corporate Social Resposibility Program for Businesses that drives current and potential customers to spend their consumer dollars with them. 
  • United in Cause - Provide an opportunity for Consumers to generate revenue for a Non-Profit Organization of their choice at no direct cost to them.