Our program allows you to help raise money for a Non-Profit Organization of your choice at no cost to you.    Whenever you buy products and/or services from any of our participating Business Members a portion of your purchase will be donated by them at no additional cost to you.  Any business that sells to a customer can become a member.  


  • Raise money for a NPO that YOU CHOOSE at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU!  

  • A multitude of businesses from various industries to choose from!​  Bakery's, Insurance Providers, Auto-Detailers, Law Firms, Restaurants, advertisements for your business, etc.  Our goal is to provide the option of a Charity Corps Business Member every time you spend money!

  • Utilize typical everyday purchases to benefit the NPO of your Choice!  Does not have to be a special or large purchase amount.  

  • Is there a business or NPO you want to support but is not on the list?  You can recommend them to become members!  

  • You greatly enhance your personal economic footprint.

  • You do not have to be Warren Buffett to make a significant economic impact.  Together we can make a tremendous financial difference to Non-Profit Organizations.  

  • Easy to use Mobile Application for your Smart Phone allows you to easily identify participating businesses and NPO's.   

  • You can help create an easy and steady revenue stream for your favorite NPO's.

  • Each month you create a revenue goal for the NPO and the mobile application tracks your progress.

  • You have access to participating business contact information, services they provide, news and social media links through their Profile Page in the Mobile Application to help inform you about the business.  

  • Each month you get to be part of a TEAM of consumers raising money for the NPO you choose!  You are not alone! You get to see and track the progress of the entire Team seeing the difference everyone supporting the NPO is making together!  You also get to see the difference ALL of those participating in Program generate as we are all part of Team Charity Corps!  

  • You will receive a single monthly in-app email message from both NPO's and Businesses providing information about them.  You will be able to set which NPO's and Businesses contact you on a monthly basis.  Communication will only happen through the Mobile Application and you will have the ability to filter what information you receive and from whom.

  • You will have the opportunity to Donate directly to a NPO through the Charity Corps Mobile Application.  This greatly reduces the normal processing fees associated with donating through various sites or mediums as we will be sending Donations through our system on a regular basis.  More of your direct donation dollars will be received by the NPO's you support! 

The Mobile Application will be available on both iOs and Android formats.  As it is being developed we are enlisting NPO's and Businesses to be members.  If you wish to be one of the first people told of the mobile application going live Contact Us now!

All participating Non-Profit Organizations have to be a legally registered 501c3 in good standing with the Internal Revenue Status.  They will also be evaluated based on our internal review process which includes data from organizations like Guide Star, Charity Navigator and the Institute of American Philanthropy.