You are at the heart of things and wake up every day to unselfishly battle the ills of this world on the front lines by fulfilling your organizations mission statement. However, you can not do it alone and you need help.  

One of the areas you need help with is financial support.  Charity Corps will team up with your organization to help generate a consistent alternative revenue stream to compliment your traditional fundraising.  

Through our program andy and all of your supporters would be able to help the organization financially at no cost to them.   Let us show you how.


  • Has the potential to generate donations throughout the year.

  • ​A secondary periodic source of donations relieves some of the overall financial pressure associated with annual events, periodic gifts and normal fundraising efforts.

  • Program allows for accurate periodically based revenue forecasting. 

  • Compliments traditional solicitation or event based fundraising.

  • Taps into the market of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in regards to the source of donations.  

  • Through listing as a NPO in the Charity Corps Mobile Application you have exposure to consumers who are looking for an NPO to support.    


  • No initial or periodic fees to be a Non-Profit Organization Member.    

  • Actively engage supporters who have committed to use our program to raise money through the Charity Corps Mobile Application. 

  • Engage and empower any supporter to help generate revenue for your organization.  

  • Raise awareness of your organization to Charity Corps User and Business Members through our Mobile Application

  • Non-Profit Organization profile page in Mobile Application which lists a multitude of information about it including Social Media links, upcoming events and news.


  • ​Allow supporters to donate directly to your organization through our application.  

Must be a legally registered 501c3 organization in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service while operating in accordance with all rules and regulations .